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Concentric Type

EMET 'Step-Vane' and 'Swing-Through-Vane' Butterfly Control Valves have been designed and developed for applications where leakage in the closed position is not the problem, but the control of the amount of liquid or gas through the pipe line is paramount. These valves provide excellent throttling performance.

Series 40500 and 40600 Butterfly Control Valves (with Anti-Cavitation/Low Noise Trim) have been designed and developed by EMET Controls to use in process engineering and industrial applications where the effect of cavitation (due to high liquid pressure drop) cannot be eliminated/handled by Series 40000 and 40100 Butterfly Control Valves.

Key Features

  • Excellent flow control rangeability
  • Equal percentage (approx.) Inherent flow characteristics
  • Disc design for minimum dynamic torque
  • Two shaft diameters for each size
  • Can be mounted in any position
  • Any flow direction
  • Anti-Cavitation/Low Noise Vane/Trim (Series 40500 and 40600)
  • Controls through 90° rotation (Series 40500 and 40600)
  • Low noise performance on both liquid and gas (Series 40500 and 40600)
  • Heating jacket for process media which crystallizes

Technical Specifications

Body Series Series 40000/40100/45000 Series 40500/40600/45600
Series Series 40000 - Step Vane Type
Series 40100 - Swing Through Type
Series 40500 -Step Vane with Anti-cavitation/Low Noise Trim)
Series 40600 - Swing through Vane with Anti-cavitation/Low Noise Trim)
Body Size 2” to 24” (50mm to 600mm) 2” to 24” (25mm to 600mm)
Pressure Rating ASME 150# to 2500# ASME 150# to 2500#
Body Style Wafer, Lugged & Double Flanged
Actuator Options Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator, Pneumatic Piston Cylinder, Electrical etc
Body Materials WCB,CF8M,CF3M,CF8.CF3 etc
Disc Materials WCB,CF8M,CF3M,CF8.CF3 etc / Stellite or Chrome Plated
Rangeability 100:1 50:1
Flow Characteristics Approx. Equal Percentage Inherent flow characteristics
Leakage Class 0.5% of Rated Cv 2% of Rated Cv
Fluid Temperature -196°C to 550°C -196°C to 550°C
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