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Single Spring Actuators

'EMET S1'- Series spring diaphragm actuators are available in 7 sizes, i.e., 100, 250, 350, 500,700, 1000 & 2000cm2. If required these actuators can be provided with side mounted & Top mounted handwheel. These actuators are suitable for regulating and on/off control applications and can be used against aggressive environments with appropriate surface protection.

General Features

  • Wide range of travel and Spring range
  • Quick response
  • Smooth functioning, constant linearity with negligible hysteresis
  • Easy to change fail action on site without any extra parts
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble from valve
  • Various accessories to work during failure of power
  • Easy for maintenance
  • Various options for functioning during power failure
    • Top mounted hand wheel
    • Side mounted hand wheel
  • Can achieve max and min travel by attaching additional limit stop unit

Technical Specifications

Actuator Type Single Spring Actuator (Direct & Reverse Acting)
Actuator Sizes (Sq.cm) S1-100, S1-250, S1-350, S1-500, S1-700, S1-1000 & S1-2000
Handwheel Top Mounted Handwheel & Side Mounted Handwheel.
Max.Design Pressure 4 Bar g
Travel (mm) 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 60mm, 90mm, 105mm, 130mm, 155mm & 208mm.
Thrust Gross (Kgf) For S1-100 (25mm & 30mm) (Thrust Gross (kgf) = 408 )
For S1-250 (25mm & 30mm) (Thrust Gross (kgf) = 1020 )
For S1-350 (30mm, 40mm & 60mm) (Thrust Gross (kgf) = 1428)
For S1-700 (40mm, 60mm & 90mm) (Thrust Gross (kgf) = 2856)
For S1-1000 (60mm, 90mm & 105mm) (Thrust Gross (kgf) = 4080)
For S1-2000 (105mm,125mm,155mm & 208mm) (Thrust Gross (kgf) = 8160)
Diaphragm Reinforced Nitrile+Fabrics
Casing / Spring Tube Steel
Springs Steel (50Cr4V2)
Yoke Cast Iron (SGI) or CF8M (SS 316)
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