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Top Guided Globe/Angle Control Valves

EMET Controls Range of Top & Bottom Guided Globe Control Valve is compact & simple in Construction.

Our Series 15000 & Series 11000 having Top Guiding construction covers, sizes from ½" to 12" with trim options as Contour, Micro Spline & Multi Spline, Our Contour trim, is most suitable for low pressure drop applications. Also, Micro Spline trim is the most ideal choice not only for handling very low flow rates but also for handling high pressure drop and where the potential for cavitation is more.

Key Features

  • Low weight
  • Large range of trim options available
  • Bubble tight shut off as per Class VI for Soft Seated Trim
  • High flow capacity
  • Three types of trims i.e. Contour, Micro Spline & Multi Spline trims
  • Heavy top guiding to ensure proper guiding of Plug enabling free movement of stem
  • Economic Product due to compact design
  • Compact Design

Technical Specifications

Body Series Series 15000/15100 Series 11000/11100
Body Style Series 15000 – Globe Type
Series 15100 – Angle Type
Series 15000 – Globe Type
Series 15100 – Angle Type
Body Sizes ½" to 8" (25mm to 200mm) 1" to 12" (25mm to 300mm)
½" to 1" (For Microspline trim)
Pressure Rating ASME 150# to 300# / JIS K / PN etc ASME 150# to 2500# / JIS K / PN etc
End Connections Flanged (RF, RTJ), Butt Weld, Socket Weld etc
Trim Options Contour & Micro Spline Contour, Micro Spline & Multi Stage Micro Spline trim.
Actuator Options Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator, Pneumatic Piston Cylinder, Electrical etc
Body Materials WCB, WC6, WC9, CF8M, CF3M, CF8.CF3, LCB, LCC etc
Trim Materials SS 316, SS 420, SS 316L, SS 304, SS 316+Stellite Grade 6, SS 316+PTFE
Rangeability 50:1 to 30:1 and 120:1
Flow Characteristics Linear, Equal Percentage & Modified Equal Percentage.
Leakage Class For Metal Seat 0.01% of Rated CV & For Soft Seat – Bubble tight shut off
Fluid Temperature -20˚C to 450˚C -65˚C to 538˚C
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